About Us

About Sonnier Beauty

Looking for hair products that work well for your hair type? Sonnier Beauty can help. Based in Moreno Valley, CA, Sonnier Beauty specializes in providing high quality hair care products for all hair types. Sonnier Beauty will help you to find new products that will help your hair look, feel, and smell great.

Sonnier Beauty is the brain child of Cherron and Tracie Sonnier. These sisters, and Air Force veterans, have a commitment to excellence deeply ingrained in them from their years of military training. After years of research, planning, and working with top industry professionals, these two entrepreneurs have brought you the products to help your hair look magnificent. In addition to combining their passions for business and hair, they also added their talent for motivating, uplifting, and empowering women, to create a company that will help each woman to see her most beautiful, authentic self. Their wish is for you to love their products as much they love bringing them to you.

Sonnier Beauty is a company dedicated to providing quality hair care products to women of all hair types. They have a lot of plans for future expansion, so continue to come back to the site to see what’s new.


Our Mission Statement

Improve the lives of women by helping them look and feel better with our products.
Sonnier Beauty strives to motivate and encourage woman through positive communication and affirmations.

Sonnier Sisters

Tracie Sonnier

Tracie Sonnier

For as long as Tracie could remember, she has always been fascinated with hair. From styling the hair to the hair products, anything dealing with hair has captivated her heart. She has a picture of herself at a year old running around with a brush in her hand. Her earliest memories of hair go back to her being three years old and sitting on the back of the couch combing and rolling her mother‘s hair. When she was seven years old, she showed her doll to her father and said, "Look daddy, I can braid!" He responded, "That’s not a braid, this is a braid!" He then showed her the difference between a braid and a two strand twist, which is what she had done. And boy was she overjoyed that her mother tasked her with combing her little sister Cherron’s hair. She then had a real, live baby doll. Cherron became the guinea pig for all new braiding techniques. Which at that time were French braids and cornrows.

In junior high school, Tracie‘s mother, Sharon, was tired of going to the salon and decided to teach Tracie how to press hair. Sharon was positive that Tracie was smart enough, and talented enough to learn how to press and curl her hair. So she told Tracie to practice on her doll’s hair first. What Tracie did not realize was that she was supposed to practice WITHOUT putting the pressing comb on the stove. Needless to say, she learned really fast that heat and synthetic hair do not go together.

In high school, Tracie told her dad that she wanted to be a beautician. He told her that she was too smart to do hair. He also told her to ask her aunt Judy why she didn’t do hair anymore. Heartbroken, she moved on to another dream.

Fast forward 25 years, 3 kids, 3 careers, and 3 degrees later, she still had the passion for hair. She would style friends’ and family, had even started cosmetology school twice, but was unable to finish. Her cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms were filled with any hair product you can think of. In addition to trying any hairstyle anyone has asked to her to do, she has also tried any new hair product that showed "potential" to get the job done.

After being advised she was going to be laid off after 16 years with her company, she felt that it was finally going to be her time to focus on her God given talent; HAIR!!! She also asked aunt Judy why she didn‘t do hair anymore. Judy said she loved doing hair, her back just hurt too much. 20 years of thinking aunt Judy didn’t like styling hair and she found out she just could not do it. Twenty years wasted...

The search to find the perfect hair product led to Tracie and her sister Cherron working on their OWN product line. The only way to get the exact product to create the right look, was to CREATE the right product. This led to the birth of Sonnier Luxury Hair Care.

Cherron Sonnier

Cherron Sonnier

Since the age of eight, Cherron has known that she wanted to have her own business. An entrepreneur at an early age, some of her first ventures included raking leaves, selling lemonade, babysitting and selling candy at school, for which she raised enough money to pay for her 8th grade trip and graduation dance. The business was then shut down after being reported to the principal’s office. That may have held up production, but it in no way put out her fire to create her own wealth or become her own boss.

Cherron has gone from one idea to the next, always knowing that she would be successful at whichever business venture she put all of her efforts into. She always had a passion for business, but never knew exactly what business she wanted to put her all into. The only thing that matched her passion for business was her desire to see her sister succeed in achieving her dreams. She would hear her sister talk about how much she enjoyed styling hair, but she also heard something else. She heard how much she loved the products. She heard how excited her sister would get after discovering a new product that really made hair look, feel, and smell great. Of course, Cherron wanted her hair to look and smell good too, so she sat in the chair and let Tracie work her magic with her new found product. Cherron wanted to start a business of her own and knew she could not leave her sister behind. She wanted to find a way to combine her passion with her sister’s passion to form the Sonnier Sister power couple. Sonnier Beauty is the combination of that commitment to family and sisterhood.